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10 Motherhood Cliches That Are Totally Accurate

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Becoming a mother is a very individual experience for all of us. It means something different to everyone. However, there are certain motherhood cliches that really seem to hold true no matter what kind of mom you are. These tired (but true) tropes are the stuff of sitcoms, stand-up-comedy, magazine headlines and TV commercials. It might be annoying but sorry, they are all sadly accurate. How many of these cliches apply to you?

1. Moms Are Exhausted


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This one probably requires no further elaboration. If you are a mom and you are not frequently exhausted please tell me your secrets. I’ll buy you a coffee. Or wine!

2. Moms Eat Their Kid’s Food


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What is so appealing about mac and cheese and chicken nuggets? I don’t know but when my kids were little and used to eat that stuff all the time I swooped in for their leftovers like a vulture.

3. Moms Hate Their Muffintops


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If you don’t have a muffintop then just step away. I have never met a mom who did not bemoan her post-baby belly. It just sucks. The end.

4. Moms Love Yoga Pants


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What’s not to love?? Comfy, flattering and versatile- they make me feel amazing. Momcore to the max.

5. Moms Love Wine


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Whenever I hang out with fellow moms and it’s after 3pm, wine is typically part of the plan. Who needs wine more than moms?

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