24 Ways Our Working Mothers Had It Easier Than We Do

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It was fine to have vices

woman drinking

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Need to smoke to settle down? How about a drink? Why, go ahead! At least, that was the way they did it back then. According to one Mom, as quoted at the bbc, “Yes I smoked during my pregnancies in the 1970s. We all did. We even smoked on the wards next to the babies. There was no change in perception. Even in the doctor’s waiting room you could smoke. ” Then, in this Outlander Medicine article, it says that, “As recently as the 1960s-1980s in the US, alcohol was given intravenously to women in preterm labor as a tocolytic – a medication to stop uterine contractions calm and halt preterm labor.” Yep, that’s right. Not only were women allowed to drink during pregnancy, there were shot up with booze to help them relax. While medical knowledge is ever evolving, our mothers didn’t have to worry that every substance they touched would lead to toxicity, listeria, or some other sort of lifelong consequence for their little ones.

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