20 Signs You’re Definitely A Working Mom

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Your Phone Is Set With A Million Alarms (Or At Least It Feels That Way)

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Your alarms are, well, alarming. There are wake up alarms, reminder alarms, drop off/pick up alarms, and that’s not even counting the reminders you’ve set for yourself, so you don’t forget classmates’ birthday parties or whatever else your kids are supposed to attend. You only wish that alarms actually meant something. In a perfect world, you could set one for bedtime, and everyone would drop into their beds, deeply asleep, in order to wake well rested in the morning, chipper as could be to the early alarm as soon as they hear it. However, you’ve come to learn that alarms are helpful but not really predictors of the future. Have you started relying on backup alarms for that ten extra minutes of sleep or cross-electronics alarms that will find you whether you’re working on your phone, your laptop, or your tablet? Yes? Take that as a sign you’re definitely a working mom. You know time is precious and that five minutes more of rest and relaxation could make a tangible difference in your day.

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