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Keri Russell Distinguishes Between ‘Mom World’ And ‘Adult World’

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Keri Russell announced that she is expecting her second baby with husband Shane Deary. In People magazine’s coverage of the pregnancy, they included some comments the actress made about working while also caring for her now four year old son, River. The former Felicity star made a reference that is familiar to many mothers, characterizing time with her son as being an entirely different “world” than her work.

Keri told People:

“I get to work really hard for three months but then I get to be home for four months where I get to put him to bed every night,” she has said. “I like getting to be in the adult world a little bit and then getting to be in the mom world and cook dinners,” she said. “And for me that balance is what makes it nice.”

“Balance” may be a myth that many contemporary mothers are chasing, but Keri’s comments speak to a very common sentiment in modern motherhood. Switching from bottle feedings to call times can feel like two different languages, and with little efforts being made to change workplace policies to meet the needs of families, it’s most often women who get stuck navigating between the two.

Keri may find this type “balance” comforting, but for the majority of mothers, the constant back and forth could hardly be described as “nice.”