Jessica Alba Encourages Pregnant Ladies To Show Off The Bump

Jessica Alba is on the August 2011 cover of Latina, the magazine’s first ever family issue, and she has some advice on how to dress when you’re expecting. The 30-year-old mother encourages women to not hide their changing form but to accentuate with “figure-forming” clothes.

Jessica told Latina:

”If you are sporting a pregnant belly, it’s better to show it than to hide it. If you look in the mirror and you look really wide and frumpy, then you’re going to appear really wide and frumpy. The more figure”forming your clothes, even though you have more curves, the better. I like long, thin sweaters that kind of hide my hips and my booty, so there’s not a huge emphasis on how big they’re getting.”

Considering how gorgeous Jessica has been looking during her pregnancy, it’s not really a wonder she advocates flaunting the bump. Still, encouraging “long, thing sweaters” is a far cry from tube tops and plunging necklines. It seems as though her advice to mommies prioritizes the lines of a pregnant woman’s body rather than skin exposure.


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