Weight Watchers Assures Us That They Aren’t Cracking A Whip Behind Jessica Simpson’s Treadmill

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Jessica SimpsonJessica Simpson may be reportedly hitting the gym regularly in the months following Maxwell Drew‘s birth, but Weight Watchers wants you to know that they aren’t cracking a contractual whip behind those treadmills. In an attempt to quell reports that the new mommy is feeling the massive corporate pressure to snap back to her pre-baby body, Weight Watchers would like to declare that there is absolutely no deadline imposed on the 31-year-old to shed those pounds.

Yeah, right. Next they’ll be telling us that they don’t care if she loses weight at all.

People magazine reports that Jessica has been losing the weight “gradually” since she’s taken the role of spokesperson for Weight Watchers. One friend tells the tabloid that Maxwell Drew’s mother understands that such a weight loss is a “process” with Weight Watchers chiming in to share just how empathetic to Jessica’s weight loss they are:

“Weight Watchers is in it for the long haul,” says a spokesperson. “We’re with her 100 percent as she develops a whole new relationship with food and activity.”

“Long haul” intersects with compassion for about as far as that bottom line will go — which isn’t very far. Make no mistake, this was a tremendous business opportunity for Weight Watchers, and one that would have never come to pass if money wasn’t to be had for Jessica melting pounds, and fast. Ain’t nobody going to be raking in a load of cash if that “long haul” stretches, let’s say, as “far” as Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has taken it. While I don’t believe that new mothers should be held to any sort of culturally imposed weight-loss deadline, the notion that Jessica Simpson could sign a contract with a heavy hitter like Weight Watchers without one is ludicrous and tremendously naive.

Additionally, with Weight Watchers looking to tap the mommy market with Jessica as the welcoming new face, the company can’t afford rumors that they’re pressuring their spokeslady into size zero jeans. That would be bad for business, which is what this all comes down to anyway.