Westboro Baptist Church Attempts Humor – Fails Miserably

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BF-jHDCCAAMKJHYI hate April Fool’s jokes. On the off chance that you totally forget what day it is – I suppose you could fall for one. But it usually helps if the set up is funny. The Westboro Baptist Church took to Twitter yesterday and attempted to embrace humor for what I imagine was the first time, ever. They failed – miserably.

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Hmm. Interesting tactic. I would first advise you to not label what is supposed to be an April Fool’s joke with the hashtag #AprilFools. Kind of defeats the purpose. Maybe you should remember that for next year. It’s the element of surprise that is kind of the point.

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I’m sure Blake Shelton was rolling on the floor when he got this one. I kinda was. Of all the people who get divorced in this country – why single out “The Voice” guy? Good morning rich guy with millions of fans! Obscure hate-cult is endorsing your divorce! Can you believe it? Ha! April Fools! You’re still going to hell.

I never engage in April Fool’s jokes because I am just not very good at lying. I thought I would attempt one via text yesterday. I had an ultrasound appointment and I was going to tell my sister that the reason I was so huge was because I was actually having twins. Then I realized how that wasn’t really funny at all. Also – my sister isn’t an idiot.

I guess you can’t blame everyone’s favorite hate-group for trying, though. I’m pretty sure we all know that total ignorance and an impressive sense of humor don’t really go hand-in-hand. Now, we have documented social media proof of it.

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Aw. Poor things. They actually thinks this is funny – and still don’t get the element of surprise thing. It’s too bad they don’t realize that their “serious” tweets are actually full of comedy.

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That is golden. I spit coffee all over my computer when I read that. Stop trying so hard, WBC. Your ignorance and hatred of Fleetwood Mac is hilarious enough.

(photo: Twitter)