What Your Halloween Costume Shopping Says About You

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So how knee deep are you in your Halloween costume hunting yet? The Google phase? The ordering phase? The crafting phase? The ‘I’m not worry about this until October” phase? But what does your way around this craft-centric holiday say about you?

1. If you’re buying online


You want NO muss, NO fuss. No climbing over screaming ducklings while you crane over “for sale” plastic pumpkins and try and grab that last size 6T pirate costume. No, no, no. You’ve already had the “what do you want to be this year?” convo with your little one (or picked something random out of the sky if your kid doesn’t talk), and you’ve decided you’re just going to order and send back what doesn’t work. It’s the only way to stay sane.

2. If you’re going to brick and mortar stores

halloween store

You want to get this done early this year. That is the mantra. So you’re heading to the mall or the big Halloween store that pops up every fall and letting your kid scan the merchandise. No buy yet but you’re confident. You’re even grabbing a few extra $19.99 costumes just to avoid the BS of the last year when your kid suddenly announced that he or she DIDN’T WANT TO BE A COWBOY THIS YEAR after all. You spent the entire evening trying to at least get some photos in the getup and asking him or her over and over again if he or she was sure about forgoing trick or treating? Survey says tantrum, bath, and then bed.

(photo: TimmyGUNZ)

3. If you’re making your kid’s costume 

Oh, you’re fancy! You’ve been spending a little time on the Pinterest boards, clicking through some pins that are either A). Not too daunting or B). Push the limits of what you may have attempted last year. You figure if it doesn’t come together, you can run out last minute and buy some Lycra crap. But for right now, you’re aspiring to put together that cute DIY owl Halloween costume come hell or high candy corn.

4. If you’re using the same Halloween costume from last year

Obviously, there are pieces here and there that don’t fit anymore. But that’s where a run to Target to get new black leggings or a slightly bigger leotard comes in. You can reuse the same animal ears, tail, hats, props, etc. It’s not your fault your kid has insisted on being a cat three years in a row. He or she likes what she likes and you’re not about to rock that boat by introducing other options. We already tried that with couscous instead of rice and let’s just say it didn’t end well.

5. if you’re the last minute costume parent

Year in and year out, you berate yourself for not getting a jump on the Halloween costume thing. Yet, despite cursing under your breath on October 29th and piling everyone into the car to pick through retail scraps, you never seem to get your shiz together. You’ve resigned yourself to the fact that this will all play out again this year, with your youngest crying because there aren’t any clown costumes left while your oldest tugs on you and asks why she can’t be a sexy Alice in Wonderland. It’s all just preparation for the insanity of the holidays, you tell yourself.