Fifth Grade Boys Arrested For Plot To Rape & Murder Classmate Because She Was ‘Annoying’

fifth grade boys arrested for rape and murder plot I know some of you readers hate the articles we write where we tell you really awful stories like this. I hate them too, because like a lot of you I have kids in elementary school and it’s stories like these that leave me feeling hopeless and disgusted and utterly frustrated as a parent. Do I have to remind my 10-year-old to never plan to rape and murder girls? Do I have to tell my 8-year-old daughter to be careful of a boy planning to rape and murder her while she is having “quiet reading” time in class? I’m sorry I have to write about a story like this, but I HAVE to write about a story like this because as parents we all need to take proactive measures to stop things like this from happening.

From The Daily Mail:

The two fifth grade students arrested for allegedly plotting to kill a girl in their school also planned to rape her and laid out their horrific conspiracy in a detailed seven-point list, prosecutors have revealed.

A judge on Friday ruled that the two boys, age 10 and 11, were fit to strand trial in juvenile court after they were caught with a knife and a .45-caliber pistol at Fort Colville Elementary School in the tiny town of Colville, Washington, on February 7. Prosecutor Tim Rasmussen said the boys’ plan to rape the girl, who they targeted because he was ‘really annoying,’

You don’t plan to rape a murder someone because they are “really annoying” or else there would be no one left alive on the planet. The two boys had a seven-step list that was discovered in one of their backpacks, and when a classmate found out about the plan one of the boys paid him $80 not to tell anyone. Another student informed the teacher he had seen one of the boys with a knife and:

The teacher searched backpacks belonging to the boy and his friend, 10, and found weapons including a knife with a three-and-a-quarter inch blade, a .45 calibre Remington 1911 semiautomatic handgun and an ammunition clip.

Mr. Rasmussen was quoted as saying:

‘To me, 10 and 11-year-olds do bad things. They throw rocks through windows. They shoot BB guns at people’s cars. They hit people with sticks, they set a cat on fire. Those are things that children do. But this was a plot to kill.’

And not to be all alarmist and judgy, but no, most normal kids don’t set cats on fire.

The boys confessed when they were questioned separately, with the older boy admitting he was going to kill the girl with the knife while his friend used the gun to keep people from stopping him.

I can’t even imagine what these poor parents must be going through, much less the parents of the daughter who was targeted. It’s obvious we need to speak to our kids about bullying in schools. I think the majority of schools now have bullying programs where they teach kids not to bully. Recently I spoke with a teacher and we discussed how I felt that rape awareness should be taught as part of health classes if schools allow sex ed to be taught as part of the curriculum, and she informed me that in a lot of cases parents who were also against sex ed being taught in schools would be against rape information being taught in schools. I know a lot of us talk to our kids in our homes about bullying and rape (depending on their age) and how to respect each other and each other’s sexuality and consent and all of that good stuff, but it’s the parents who don’t talk to their kids about these things that worry me. Especially when something like this happens because I find it very hard to believe that the parents of these boys have ever sat them down and had a firm talk with them about rape, and it’s not that surprising, because what parent thinks they NEED to discuss rape with 10-year-olds?

I guess we all do, because this is the type of world we live in now.

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