Vanessa Minnillo’s Estranged Mother Didn’t Know About Her Daughter’s Wedding. I Can See Why.

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I’m pretty sure that if my mother had dropped me off at my dad’s house when I was nine and never came back, she wouldn’t make my guest list either. Vanessa Minnillo‘s disappearing mother is commiserating with The Huffington Post that she didn’t know about her daughter’s wedding. I think its much more shocking that she’s surprised by this.

Maybe I’m being cold-hearted, but I don’t believe that parents who remove themselves from their children’s lives have a right to expect an invitation back in when they’re older. If you couldn’t love your children when they were little and needed you, why should they care about you once they’ve learned to fend for themselves?

Weddings are a time to celebrate your loving commitment with the people who mean most to you. (And maybe a tabloid or two, if you’re marrying a former reality-star/boy band alum.) I can’t imagine the drama of trying to invite a mother who I haven’t spoken to in two decades. A wedding is about a lifetime commitment, something that Minnillo’s mom is obviously not familiar with.  If this mom really wanted to reconnect with her daughter, she would’ve done it without the interviews and without the publicity angle. This isn’t a mother sad that she missed her daughter’s big day. This is a woman who abandoned her children looking to cash in on their good fortune.

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