Must-Visit: Amber Dusick’s Musings On Motherhood Will Have You In Stitches

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I literally laughed out loud last night – we’re talking full-on belly laughter that caused my husband to politely shush me – while reading Amber Dusick‘s blog, Crappy Pictures. Dusick, an artist and mother of two young boys, recounts her everyday parenting experiences via ‘crappy’ little drawings and words. It’s a simple concept but that one she pulls off with such humor and honesty, I’ve become an instant fan.

Here you’ll find posts about Dusick’s four-year-old thinking that being homeless is the coolest because you get to live in a box and pee outside. Or about her family dealing with the flu – or, rather, not dealing, as was the case with her husband who claimed to have a mutated strain (such a familiar scene!). Dusick captures the nuances that make parenting so challenging – like attempting to eat out at restaurant with the clan or, you know, sleeping – but in a total we’re-all-in-this-together type of way (and her humor is totally dry, which I love).

Check it out when you’re need of a good laugh.

(Photo: Crappy Pictures)