UPDATE: Bus Chaperon Completely Looses His Shiz On Bat Mitzvah Bus Brats

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school busesAnyone who has taken the bus to school understands how important it is to not distract the driver. There are special quiet rules for crossing rail ways and you are generally expected to be calm and respectful  Well, apparently a group of Scarsdale 12- and 13-year-olds didn’t get the memo, and now a bus chaperon is being accused of going off on a profane tirade.

The incident occurred on a bus headed back to Scarsdale, NY, after a Bat Mitzvah party that took place in Manhattan. The kids were reportedly throwing things at the driver and when they hit him with a piece of candy the chaperon just lost it.

“Who did it? Do it again, you f**k, and you’re f***ed! The driver will kill you! He will kill you! One more time, you will die, you will bleed, out of your f**king nose! That’s right I’m spitting in your f**king eye! Ever do that again and you will die, got it? DEATH! You f**k! You spoiled f**k! Spoiled f**k! Do it again, and you’re dead. Did you learn your f***ing lesson…ever again…f***ing spoiled brat! That’s right don’t ever do it again and I know it was you, you cocky little s**t. Death! It was an accident? You purposely threw it at our heads. Do you want these kids to die? You’re first out this f***ing door! Welcome to my WORLD! You f**k! How do you feel now? Like the piece of spoiled s**t that you are…little piece of s**t. Learn something boys? F***ing spoiled brats…all of you. F***ing throwing hard things at people who are driving the bus and saving your life?”

Obviously it’s never okay to curse at a bunch of kids, especially over something so minor. I get why the parents of the kids on board are upset. That being said, kids this age can be awful. disrespectful, rude and in this case a danger to themselves due to their behavior. You can hear them giggling in the video. They thought it was funny. So I can sympathize with the chaperon as well.

To be honest it sounds like everyone involved kind of sucks. The kids, for being spoiled little brats who can’t follow the rules. The chaperon for losing his cool in such a ridiculous (if not hilarious) way, and the family of the bat mitzvah girl for being so glib about the situation. I seriously hope someone learned a lesson here, but judging from the very NSFW video I highly doubt it.

UPDATE: Here is the auto-tune I made. Enjoy!

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