23 Travel Hacks That Every Parent Should Know

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A Diaper Can Be Useful In More Ways Than One


Beach days are the best, but there’s always the problem of having to figure out where to put your valuables when you’re having fun in the sun with the family. In a perfect work, your kids will stay right there where you’ve parked yourself for the day, and you won’t spend time chasing them around as they head for the water or rocks.

However, in reality, your kids will ready to explore. So while you’re running around with them and are left to leave your beach chair and valuables around, stick your important and precious items in a diaper for safekeeping. There’s no guarantee that someone with sticky fingers won’t try to snatch your stuff, but there’s a better chance that what looks like a dirty diaper ill be left untouched than a beach bag spilling over with tons of stuff.

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