Baby’s First Passport Stamp: Elizabeth Banks’ Son Can Boast Paris Fashion Week

Elizabeth BanksElizabeth Banks is a working mama in an industry that frankly takes her all over the world. Her son Felix, now only 16 months old, is still cute and teeny enough to be the perfect cargo — minus perhaps some in-flight tantrums? Nevertheless, her little boy just got his first passport stamp and guess what he gets to brag to his friends when he gets older?

The mother of one told People magazine that the demands of travel can take on a very particular lifestyle, one of which she is most pleased to be sharing with her son. But on baby’s first trip out of the country, he was headed straight to Paris Fashion Week to mingle with some designer couture:

“This job requires you to be a little bit of a gypsy, [and] so far he’s totally cool being a little baby gypsy …We [went] to Paris [for Fashion Week]. He’s getting his first passport stamp.”

That’s definitely a family memory — and therefore a passport stamp — worth saving. Way to flash that around come Show and Tell and share photographs of you being carted around between various tents, perhaps collecting some designer goody bags with your sippy cup in tow. Prime baby book material, no?

(photo: Ian Wilson/

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