Girl Allowed To Write About Michael Jackson As Her Idol Because Teacher Said No To God

Girl Told She Can't Pick God As Her Idol By Teacher For AssignmentEvery parent of a grade school kid is all too familiar with this sort of assignment because if we are ever picked as our kid’s “idol” or “hero” over our partner we like to laud it over them and announce that we win everything, always. But this 10-year-old girl was told she would have to pick another idol to write about after she chose God as her subject. Laaaaaame. From

 Memphis mother Erica Shead said she was angry after her 10-year-old daughter Erin, told her Wednesday, she wasn’t allowed to write about God for a school assignment.

”It was so cute and innocent. She talked about how God created the earth and how she’s doing the best she can,” said Shead.

Erin is a student at Lucy Elementary.

When Erin was told she couldn’t write about admiring God she chose the next person on her list, Michael Jackson. Which was acceptable to her teacher. Now, not to get all MJ-shamey on anyone, because I am a HUGE Michael fan, and even though I am not sure he actually molested anyone because I think he was some sort of asexual robot child man who just had weird huge arrested development issues, BUT COME ON. We all know the allegations. Sheesh. For a teacher not to be cool with God but a-ok with Michael?

Momma Shead became my best friend ever IN MY MIND when she asked the principal:

”I told the principal this morning, would it be better if she wrote about Ellen Degeneres? Of course there was no comment.”

The school had this to say about the incident:

”Shelby County Schools respects the moral and religious beliefs of all students and families. While teachers and staff are not permitted to promote religion in the classroom, no laws or district policies allow teachers to limit students’ expression of religious beliefs in their personal classwork. This was a regrettable misunderstanding, and we as educators must learn from it. The principal and teacher have had a positive and productive conversation with the family, and we are pleased this matter is being addressed at the school level. The district will not be discussing this matter further in the media.”

Oh yeah school, you go girl or whatever you call an institution of learning. This is the dumbest thing ever.

(Image: WREG)

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