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Tostitos Made a Bag that Doubles as a Breathalyzer, But Don’t Drive if You Have to Ask Potato Chips if You’re Drunk

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Tostitos has tapped advanced technology to create a new chip bag that doubles as a Breathalyzer, and if you breathe into the chip bag, the chip bag will tell you whether or not you are too drunk to drive. It’s a cool idea, but basically any potato chip bag would do that, because if you are breathing into a potato chip bag to see if you are too drunk to drive, you are definitely too drunk to drive.

 According to Grub Street, the new limited-edition Tostitos bags are solid black and scary looking, and they were produced in partnership with Mothers Against Drunk Driving. To see if you are too drunk to drive, you just have to blow on a sensor on the bag, and if the sensor does not detect alcohol, the wheel on the front of the bag turns green because you are OK to go. If it does detect alcohol, the wheel turns red and it instructs you not to drink and drive. The bag will also call you an Uber if you tap the bag with your phone, but considering that Uber is a phone app, you could just call an Uber or a Lyft on your phone without tapping the bag.

The bags do give $10 coupons towards Uber rides, though, and that’s pretty cool.

The color-changing Breathalyzer bag is a neat toy, but it does not change the fact that if you need a potato chip bag to tell you whether or not you can drive, for the love of God do not attempt to operate a motor vehicle. Not only is that definitely the action of a drunk person, but potato chip bags are not reliable meters of intoxication, and there’s no guarantee that a chip bag will not be a dud.  No police officer in the world is going to accept, “I’m not drunk, the potato chip bag says I’m OK to drive.”