Disney Just Opened Its Fanciest Restaurant Yet, and the Price Tag Will Make Your Eyes Fall Out


Even when enjoyed “on the cheap,” Disney can get pretty expensive. But there are many different tiers of Disney experiences for children, parents, and Disney fans to enjoy. You can bring your own food and stay at a Super 8 an hour’s drive from the parks. You can stay in a swanky on-site hotel. You can buy a $150 princess makeover at the Bibbidy Bobbidi Boutique and eat in Cinderella’s castle. If you’re really fancy, you can get a VIP guide and bypass all the lines. And if you’re way fancier than that–no, fancier than you’re thinking. Still fancier. Even fancier than that. We’re going to have to recalibrate our fanciness meters.–you can make a dinner reservation at Disney’s new restaurant, 21 Royal.

21 Royal is an ultra-posh restaurant overlooking Disneyland’s New Orleans Square and the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. It was originally designed as a private residence for Walt Disney, but he died before it was completed. Now it’s been restored to its original design, which is a little bit Downton Abbey and a little bit Nixon White House, and it’s open to the public for dinner reservations. The only catch is the price tag: According to Eater, dinner at 21 Royal costs $15,000.

For $15,000, Disney’s 1-percenters do not have to share the space with anyone else. 21 Royal hosts private dinner parties for 12 people–which brings the per-person price tag to $1,250–that starts with cocktails in the courtyard and moves on to a seven-course dinner in the apartment’s dining room. The menus are custom designed for the 21 Royal guests, and the check does include park admission for all 12 guests, as well as valet parking.

This is one way to get around the “should kids be allowed in fine-dining restaurants?” debate. For $15,000 and with no other people around, you can bring all the babies you want. Just stuff the whole room with babies. It’s Disneyland, and Disneyland loves babies. Of course, probably nobody is going to be taking small children to 21 Royal as part of their special Disney vacation. The kids would rather eat with Cinderella anyway. This one is for the grown-ups.

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