Your Infant Isn’t A Foodie, He’s Just Sick Of Milk

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picky-eatersI was so smug when my first child was beginning to eat solid foods. He ate everything – olives, capers, brussels sprouts – anything we put in front of him. I totally believed the whole, “kids will eat what you expose them to” line because that’s exactly what my kid was doing. Then he became a toddler and all bets were off.

Where did my baby with the amazing palate go? What was happening? All of a sudden, he started turning his nose up at all the things he once loved. I really believed I had one of those “good eaters” people talk about. Nope. My kid was just totally sick of consuming only milk – I’m sure of that now. Can you imagine how exciting it is to taste food for the first time? I think it becomes less exciting when kids realize that this is just the way things are. Then they decide they only want to eat Goldfish crackers, broccoli, and American cheese for the remainder of their days.

I try to bite my tongue when I hear people talk about how great their one-year-olds eat. I have one of those, too. My little girl eats everything. I would enjoy her varied palate a little more if I wasn’t constantly thinking there was a timer on it. Watching her eat her tilapia with capers whole and grain rice last night would have been more enjoyable if I wasn’t thinking in the back of my mind, “I wonder when this joy ride will end?”

If you have an infant who loves everything you put in front of her – enjoy it now. Maybe your small child will continue loving all the foods forever – and I certainly hope that’s the case. But this is a gentle reminder not to judge the mom whose toddler won’t put a thing in his mouth. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you might be that mom eventually.

(photo: Marius Pirvu/ Shutterstock)