This Teen’s Mom Walked In On Her Dancing for the Internet, and Her Reaction is Priceless

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We’ve all been caught by our parents doing embarrassing things, and as parents we will all catch our kids doing embarrassing things. When that happens, we can only hope that we are lucky enough that the event will be preserved for posterity in video form, because that happened to a teenage girl showing off her sweet dance moves for the Internet last week, and the results were hilarious.

According to Rocket News 24, the teenage girl was doing a dance for a niconico Douga livestream, which is apparently a thing where you make videos live for the Internet, and people can comment on the video. When the commenters decide to write, their comments scroll past across the video itself, which is fantastic, because in this video they see what is happening long before the girl does. (Also according to Rocket News 24, that “wwwwwww” is “LOL” in Japan.)

It all starts out innocently enough. A teenage girl is performing a very lively dance for her livestream. She’s standing in front of a bed piled high with Hello Kitty pillows, dancing to a very peppy song with a whole lot of energy. She’s pretty good, too!

But halfway through the video, her mother opens the door behind her and stares open-mouthed and aghast as her daughter continues to dance her little heart out. The comments start pouring in, as the commenters can all see what the young dancer cannot and are overwhelmed by the dramatic irony.

The moment they lock eyes is absolutely priceless. The mother cracks up and leaves, and the daughter looks at the camera like, “Did you guys see that? You didn’t see that, right?” But everyone saw it, and it was hilarious.

This video is a pretty great litmus test for the stage of one’s life. Just watch it and see whom you identify with most. Is it the embarrassed teenager, or the bewildered mother?

At a certain point, we become both of them. That’s me, doing something ridiculous and getting caught by my mom. That’s me, watching my daughter doing something ridiculous and adorable that I do not completely understand. Sunrise, sunset. Sunrise, sunset. One minute you’re the baby, next you’re the mom. Luckily there are enough embarrassing dances to go around.