10 Toddler Foods Adults Secretly Love

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6. String Cheese

There is no toddler out there who fully appreciates the utter convenience of this cheese product.

7. Fruit Roll-Ups

I probably still have a hard-on for Fruit Roll-Ups because my mom refused to buy them for me as a kid. Now I’m an adult with an unbreakable kiddie food addiction. Thanks a lot, Mom.

8. Lunchables

These pre-made, processed lunches may seem gross at face value, but I think Theresa Edwards is on to something with her Lunchables obsession.

9. Graham Crackers

Graham Crackers may remind me of a stuffy church nursery and the smell of urine, but goddamn if they aren’t delicious.

10. Goldfish Crackers

Everyone knows that new, fancy-schmancy Goldfish Crackers flavors like cinnamon, vanilla, s’mores, mac & cheese, and parmesan are adults-only. Kids don’t have the palate.

(Image: Michaela Stejskalova/Shutterstock)

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