10 Holiday Snacks To Make With Kids That Won’t Completely Destroy Your Kitchen

142740194I love baking and cooking with kids, and I think as parents it’s one of our jobs to familiarize our kids with the kitchen so they don’t go out into this great big world and feed their dinner guests toast. And as much as I love baking around the holidays it can also be one of the worst times of the year to bake with kids. You are usually rushed with a million other things to do, you have extra chores to deal with like making sure your tree is watered and sweeping up an endless supply of fallen needles, and there are presents to wrap and cocktails to drink. Parents are busy during Christmastime! Add a huge mess in your kitchen and it can totally dampen your holiday spirits.

I’m all for baking and icing and decorating a big batch of sugar cookies with kids, but in case you don’t feel like dealing with the gigantic mess it is bound to make or you don’t have time, here are 10 super easy snacks you can make with your kids to get them in the holiday spirit and spend some time together in the kitchen.


Snowman Cheese Snacks 



From Do It And How, here’s a super easy way to transform that toddler shape of the cheese snack into a jolly little snowman.

 Snowmen Donuts 

snowman snowman


From A Little Tipsy, which may be my new favorite blog name of all time, comes these cute little snowmen made using powdered donuts.

Christmas Coal 



From Big Red Kitchen, how cute is this idea to turn krispie treats into coal?

 Santa Grahams 



From Pillsbury.com, this is ingenious because I have never met a kid who doesn’t love decorating and this is next to zero baking for parents and lost of adding mini-marshmallows for kids.

Window Pane Pretzel Treats 



From Big Oven, these are way too easy and look all cute and festive.

Nutter Butter Reindeer  



Naptime Crafts brings us these cute reindeer which involve M&M’s and I am a parenting professional so I know small children love M&M’s. Plus, these are also no-bake.

Santa  Strawberries 


This is all over Pinterest with no source credit so I have no idea what genius came up with the idea to slice the tops off strawberries and put whipped cream and poppy seed eyes to turn them into Santa.

 Spiral Cookies 



If you aren’t familiar with Sprinkle Bakes, get ready to lose your entire afternoon bookmarking every single recipe that Heather has on her website. She is beyond amazing. I mean, look at this Jane Austen cake. And look at her Narnia cake and turkish delight. And then if you need to swoon some more check out her book cake. And yes, most of these amazing edible works of arts would be quite difficult to create with a toddler underfoot, but you can totally make these adorable spiral cookies that remind me of Christmas candies and let your toddler add the sprinkles. You can also buy Heather’s gorgeous book here, which would make a lovely Christmas gift for any baker in your life.

 Snowman Crackers 


From Your Organic Child, whole grain crackers, cream cheese and some vegetables will let your little kid make their very own snowman they can then eat.

Christmas Tree Bread 


From Mess For Less, this bread will keep your toddler totally enthralled from the cutting out of shapes to the painting it with butter to the adding decorations.

(Image: getty Images)

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