STFU TMZ For Your ‘Not All Famous Preggo Chicks Have to Be HUGE’ Fat-Shamey Opinion

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STFU TMZ Fat Shaming Pregnant WomenFirst of all, apologies to my girl Blair Koenig, because whenever I use the term STFUâ„¢, even in REAL LIFE, I always feel like I should pay Blair a copyright infringement fee because STFUâ„¢ is now synonymous with STFU PARENTSâ„¢ and Blair! I can’t use profanity in a headline and Koa Beck is working with our legal team to develop me a list of new and acceptable profanity terms I can use in a headline but until then I had to borrow STFUâ„¢ because I can’t think of anything else to say and I would end up sounding like Annie Wilkes in Misery and my headline would have been:

Hush Your COCKADOODIE Face TMZ For Your ‘Not All Famous Pregnant Chicks Have To Be Huge’ Opinion. 

Onward! The reason I am so cranky with TMZ today, who I usually love to bring me delicious celebrity gossip about the state of Justin Bieber‘s monkey, is because of a headline they ran this morning and the following article. TMZ why hast thou forsaken me?

Not All Famous Preggo Chicks Have to Be HUGE

If pregnant women were capable of jealousy, one would say Kim Kardashian and Jessica Simpson might be a little covetous of Kate Middleton‘s physique — ’cause they’re all due around the same time, and well, one of these things is not like the other. The Duchess of Cambridge visited the Willows Primary School in Manchester, England yesterday … and you could BARELY tell she was with fetus. Kate’s due to give birth to Prince William’s baby in July … the same time Kim K’s due … and Jessica is also expected to deliver kid #2 sometime around then.

And then our friends at TMZ posted photos of Kate, Kim and Jessica so everyone can play a rousing game of “who has the fatter fetus bump” or something. TMZ fat shaming pregnant women is a new low, even for them.

It doesn’t matter if a pregnant lady weighs 800 pounds or 80 pounds. Overweight ladies can have babies, underweight ladies can have babies. The only person who should have an opinion on whether or not a pregnant lady is gaining enough or too much weight is her doctor, and even then his concern over her weight better have to strictly do with the health of her or her baby. Being critical of a woman’s body, famous or not, when she is pregnant is pretty much the lowest of the low. Women have to deal with this sort of body scrutiny and size-shaming (no matter what their size) enough when they aren’t pregnant.

Jessica and Kim don’t look HUGE, they look pregnant, and even though I think we can all sort of agree that Kate Middleton, due to the fact she isn’t famous for her reality TV past, is sort of a more “noble” famous person, it doesn’t mean that she is somehow “better than” the other mentions because her pregnancy isn’t more evident on her smaller frame. I can name a gazillion reasons why celebrities like Simpson and Kardashian can be picked on, but their pregnant body weight, and their not pregnant body weights, are NOT the reasons. This level of misogynistic body shaming towards women who are pregnant has to stop. It’s on a whole other level of oogie.*

(*Props to Annie Wilkes)

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