Jessica Simpson Lined Up Her Next Post-Pregnancy Gig – An NBC Sitcom Based On Her Life Story

Jessica SimpsonJessica Simpson simply is not the type of lady to let pregnancy get in the way or busy money-making empire. In fact, she’s much more likely to incorporate that little fetus into her ever-growing business. Hello, Weight Watchers! But it looks like after her latest gestational period, the mogul won’t just concern herself with losing baby weight and managing her fashion brands. Jessica will be returning to the small screen, this time in a scripted comedy based loosely on her life.

That’s right, NBC has announced that they’re developing a sitcom starring Jessica Simpson, produced by Jessica Simpson and about Jessica Simpson.

In a statement, the Fashion Star mentor explained:

”I often find myself thinking that no one could ever make up the things that actually happen in my life ”” so between the real life elements and a great team of writers, I think we’ll have people laughing!”

She might have a point. Simpson was one of the earlier and more memorable “My Life As A Television Show” celebrities, when her show Newlyweds chronicled her life with 98 Degrees singer Nick Lachey. And the show was definitely famous for making people laugh, often at Jessica’s expense. She never seemed to mind being the butt of every joke. So maybe comedic acting is perfect for her?

Honestly, I’m kind of happy to hear that Jessica will be involved in a real job after her newest little one arrives. I figure, the news might distract the media from constantly talking about how quickly, how slowly, or how safely the star is dropping her baby weight. Maybe we’ll have a few more eye-roll-inducing “Work Life Balance” quotes, but I’ll take them over the “Post Baby Body” talk any day.

I’m not happy enough about the gig that I’ll watch a show starring Jessica Simpson about Jessica Simpson. Nothing could make me like this woman enough to watch such a show. Unless she agreed to completely disappear from public life, at which point the show would be moot. So basically, I’ll never, ever watch this television show. But seriously, talking about a most likely horrible TV show is much less painful than talking about one woman’s weight for the next year and a half. So thank you, NBC!

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