10 Times Every Parent Loses Patience With Their Child

Admitting you have a problem is the first step in fixing it so I’m going to confess to you all that I am relatively low on patience lately with my kids. Normally, I’m more laid-back and good at remembering to keep my cool but even my husband, who is always slow to be irritated with them, has noticed that they’ve been extra ridiculous lately. Maybe it’s the end of the school year or maybe it’s their ages but regardless, they’re driving us a little crazier than usual. The current state of my parenting made me think of all the times that most parents lose patience with their kids. It makes me feel better knowing I’m not alone and that other parents are also gritting their teeth and counting to 10 in their head in an effort to not explode. Here are the times every parent loses patience with their child:

1. When They’re Picking Out A Toy/Souvenir

pick one


I nearly lost it at the zoo gift shop yesterday when my daughter was making her souvenir decision with the same weight that one would choose a college. It was clear that nothing was really jumping out at her but of course, she had to get SOMETHING because her brother was. Watching her hem and haw nearly put me over the edge.

2. At Bedtime

go to sleep sunny


For any variety of reasons, bedtime is a part of the day rife for losing it on our kids. They’re tired. You’re tired. They have 10 million requests and might also refuse to put on pajamas or brush their teeth. If you are a parent and make it through your kids’ childhood without losing it at least once during bedtime, I think you can officially call yourself a unicorn.

3. While They’re Eating (Or Refusing To Eat)

spoon eating


Whether they’re picking their food apart and making a huge mess or flat-out refusing to eat what’s on their plate, parenting during mealtime can be incredibly stressful. My kids are good eaters but are known to tear a piece of bread into 400 teeny pieces if I’m not watching. Drives.me.nuts.

4. When Helping Them Get Dressed

getting dressed


Some kids are very fussy with their wardrobes and my son is one of those kids. To his credit, he has gotten tons better as he’s grown older but his toddler years were maddening. Before he could articulate himself, we had no idea why he would tear off a new shirt and refuse to wear it ever again and watching all those brand-new, unworn clothes pile up was incredibly frustrating. I’m proud of myself for how calm I (mostly) remained but boy, was it tough.

5. During Potty Training

gotta poop


Our daughter took a long time to get the hang of pooping on the toilet. When I say a long time, I mean she was pee trained for at least a year before she finally figured out number two. Remaining relatively calm while scraping poop out of the umpteenth pair of tiny underwear is a parenting feat I’m still proud of to this day.

6. When Helping With Homework

keep calm


Oh Lord help me, my sweet little boy is just a miserable brat when it comes to homework. There’s no way around it. In not wanting to scar him for life or turn him sour on learning, I’ve summoned every ounce of patience I have while helping him get through his homework each week. He hates doing it, I hate watching him hate doing it. It’s pure misery from start to finish. If it weren’t for my husband reminding me to chill out, I’d have gone off the deep end after this school year.

7. When They Tattle



Is there anything more annoying than a shout of “MOOOOOOOOM!” from the other room knowing that you’re about to hear of some grand injustice that probably doesn’t matter at all? The old adage is true — often, the tattler is far more annoying to a parent than the person being tattled on. I’ve lost it on my kids MANY times recently because of tattling. With two grade schoolers in the house, tattling is just sort of their language.

8. On Long Car Rides



Being held captive in a vehicle with your fussy kids for hours on end is pretty much hell. They’re restless and bored and over all of the “fun” things you brought for them to do. You’re tired and out of patience and ready to leave them at a fire station for a few hours so you can take a breather. Losing your cool on a long car ride is basically guaranteed so the best you can do is try not to yell too loudly.

9. While Making A Netflix Choice



My kids are drunk with power and totally overwhelmed with options when I bring up the Kids menu on Netflix. Waiting for them to make their monumental decision is probably one of the most annoying parts of my day. GOOD LORD, PICK SOMETHING.

10. When They Do Something “Myself”

john locke


Watching a child move at a glacial pace while tying their shoes, putting on their jacket or cutting their own food can be maddening but it’s important to let them learn so just scream into a pillow.

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