STFU Parents: Moms Who Reveal WAY Too Much About Their Bodies On Social Media

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Parent overshare isn’t always about the kids. Sometimes it’s just about us. Considering how complex and often gross our bodies can be, it’s no surprise that some moms feel compelled to share updates about their pregnancy or labor, as detailed in these columns from last year. And to a certain extent, I can understand that. After several months of carrying a baby it can be easy for a woman to forget that her friends might not want to know how dilated her cervix is or that she’s lost her mucus plug. Lines get blurred and before she knows it, she’s describing details that are commonplace to her, but uncomfortable for her friends.

That said, something I’ve been thinking about lately is the degree to which women overshare about their bodies. Back when I started STFU, Parents, posting about having contractions seemed bold, but now, a few years later, it’s not really a question of whether a woman is posting about having contractions so much as what else she’s posting about in relation to those contractions. It’s almost as if oversharing has become the norm, so women are more inclined to give precise details and take the TMI (Too Much Information) to WTMI (Way Too Much Information), seemingly without shame. Whether it’s because they want to commiserate, vent, or simply think the subject of their bodies is a normal thing to discuss on Facebook, the level of “TMI” has been taken up a notch (or five) and continues to trend toward the extreme. Here are six examples that illustrate what I mean.

1. Full Term TMI

Mentioning that you’re uncomfortable in the final stage of pregnancy is understandable, and most people sympathize with the realities of acid reflux. But is it really necessary to go into detail about the vomit spin cycle occurring in your throat? This is what a pregnancy journal is for.

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