Open Thread: How Was Your Holiday Weekend?

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Memorial Day Weekend is almost over! I haven’t done much of anything exciting — my husband is working on painting the living room so I’m kid-wrangling and trying to help him wherever possible. We did the zoo yesterday and went out for ice cream but that’s about it! I have to say, it feels a little weird to not go to any cook-outs or parades this year but we are busy and the 3-day weekend was too good of an opportunity to pass up for him to get this project done!

Hopefully, most of you have had a better and more interesting weekend than I have! Tell us about your toddler terrorizing everyone at your family BBQ. Or about a cool parade in your town that you go to everywhere. Or maybe you hit up some great holiday weekend sales. Whatever it is, tell us about it!

And of course, a humble thank you to all Veterans and those who currently serve. We would not all be BBQ-ing, living room painting or reading these words if it weren’t for our freedoms being so fiercely defended. We love, respect and appreciate everything those in the armed forces (and their amazing families!) do for us every day. Thank you is literally not enough.

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