Harper Beckham Surprises All Of Us By Taking Her First Steps Not In Heels

So it’s been awhile now since Harper Seven Beckham came into the world. It doesn’t seem like long ago that she was appearing on Victoria Beckham‘s hip at New York City Fashion Week, a mere infant in gray sockies. But from the looks of things, it seems that baby Harper will be walking into her next fashion show all on her own.

The 1-year-old was photographed walking alongside her mother in Dublin, Ireland recently for a press event. The Daily Mail reports that the fashion mogul flew out to the Irish city to meet with “specially-invited fashion journalists” who helped promote her clothing line.

The baby girl’s first public steps were snapped by Caroline Kennedy, and what a demure debut. No stilettos, heels, or wedges of any kind for the baby who was named InStyle‘s number one “hottest” celebrity under 25 at eight weeks old. I’m not saying she disappointed us, as with Vicki Becks as a mother there will most likely be plenty of time for platforms. Just seems a little “off brand” for the tot who is already fielding modeling offers.

(photo: twitter.com)

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