Of Course Anne-Marie Slaughter Is Turning Her ‘Having It All Piece’ Into A Book [Updated]

UPDATE: Anne-Marie Slaughter responded to our piece below. She tweeted early this afternoon, “That’s really not fair; only reason to write a book, particularly given my fopo day job, is 2 make change.” And you know what? She has a point. We tweeted back, letting her know we admire her push for change and that we’re looking forward to continuing the “having it all” discussion. Can you feel the love or what?

having it all debateI think Anne-Marie Slaughter might have it all. She just landed a book deal, for chrissake! Okay, just kidding, nobody has it all. But are we surprised that her infamous essay in The Atlantic, “Why Women Still Can’t Have It All,” has inspired a book? Of course not. I mean, what did you think would happen? (Though, truth be told, I was wondering which would come first: book deal or reality TV series.)

Random House will publish the book, slated for release in 2014. Clearly I’m envious. Think what you will of Slaughter and lord knows she has her critics but this is one smart cookie. She picked a major hot topic work-life balance and got people all worked up over the subject.

The “having it all” debate never sizzles many question what on earth the term even means and Slaughter, a former State Department official and mom of two, certainly stirred the pot with her piece. While The Atlantic piece followed in TIME‘s footsteps in terms of sensationalism (who could forget the latter’s controversial breastfeeding cover?), Slaughter herself argues that the workplace is still ridiculously behind when it comes to accommodating families (mothers in particular).

No matter where you stand on the matter, or how irritated you are by the term “having it all,” chances are you’ll be picking up a copy of Slaughter’s book one day. I know that I will.

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