8 Unexpected Things That Happen When You Breastfeed

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Ah, breastfeeding. Besides their sleep schedules, I’m not sure there is a single more complicated aspect of parenting an infant. The breastfeeding experience is different for every mom and for that matter, for every baby and every mom. I know my experiences with my own kids were totally opposite and the second time around, I had things happen that didn’t happen the first time. So much went on those first few weeks that I never read about in any baby book and none of my friends ever mentioned. There really should be a book that includes more than just how to latch but until that happens, here are some unexpected things that may happen when you breastfeed:

1. Milk In The Shower



The first time I showered with my breasts a tad *ahem* full, it was like a geyser. I practically cried seeing all that (literal) spilled milk but I am here to tell you — the hot water helps you relax and can trigger let-down. Another bonus? I had no idea it came out of multiple little ducts so it looks like a watering can with six little streams in all directions. SURPRISE!

2. Waking Up In A Puddle

rain time


Even if you strap nursing pads to your boobs and wear two bras, until your supply is regulated, you still may milk your way through a few shirts every night. Between that and the post-partum night sweats, you may find it helpful to sleep on top of towels. Unless you relish changing sheets every morning. I don’t.

3. Lumps And Bumps



Sometimes, breasts can be pretty lumpy while nursing. It’s usually a clogged duct and can be massaged down but it freaked me out the first time I had it happen thinking I had a tumor. Of course, if it can’t be rubbed away, tell your doctor about it as soon as possible.

4. Flat Nipples

flat nipples


Looking at them, I did not think my nipples were flat but apparently, they were flat enough to cause trouble for my son. I had to use a nipple shield for a few weeks to draw them out a bit more. A pleasant visual. If your baby isn’t latching well, your nipples may be a little flat too. The shields work beautifully so give those a shot if you want to before giving up!

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