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Jill And Jessa Duggars’ Facebook Pages Have Been Hacked With MILF Posts And It Isn’t Even Christmas

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What a gift for a random Tuesday! I just saw the hilarious news that Jill Duggar-Dillard and Jessa Duggar-Seewald both had their Facebook pages hacked yesterday and the posts are definitely not Jim Bob-approved. Ranging from yoga pants butts to MILF talk, the posts got their fans in a tizzy and probably taught Jill and Jessa things they had no idea existed. I know it’s kind of mean but I can’t stop laughing because they’re so righteous and this is just flat-out funny.

It was late last night when fans of their pages noticed something amiss, according to The Inquisitr:

The posts appeared on Jill’s Facebook page late Monday night, and they were made up of links to some pretty racy spam articles. One of them featured Disney characters reenacting scenes from Fifty Shades of Grey.


Another spammy post was a list of the “10 Best Reasons To Sleep With A Hot Mom.” Jim Bob Duggar obviously agrees that moms can be sexy, but he’d likely be disappointed to discover that “procreation” is not one of the reasons on that list.

Anyone else out of breath from laughing, or just me? The thought of one of those girls signing on to see a “10 Best Reasons To Sleep With A Hot Mom” article shared on their pages is just delightful. Even better is imagining their fans seeing the work of the devil before their very eyes:


“OMG EVIL hacker!” one fan wrote. “God will make sure justice is met, in one way or another.”

“Praying these hackers change their ways,” another wrote.

A few fans also expressed their displeasure with the hacker’s choice of sex-related spam.

“Why post this? It serves no purpose except to tittilate (sic) the male mind!”


EVIL! The idea of moms being hot is certainly evil. Their sexuality is only to be used for procreation and whatever, right? Lame. I do so enjoy these fans getting in a tizzy over a couple of stupid, spammy posts. It’s not a big deal and no more evil than the annoying spam emails we all get but of course, the devil MUST be responsible. Excuse me while I roll my eyes all the way into the back of my head.

As I mentioned, Jessa was hit with it too and it’s pretty much the best:

Fans of the Duggar Family News: Life is not all pickles and hairspray Facebook page also posted photographic evidence that Jessa Duggar’s Facebook was similarly hacked. The posts on her page included a photo gallery of girls wearing yoga pants.

Pickles and hairspray? These fans are out of control. Anyway, PANTS! The Devil’s Leg Casings, splayed across Jessa’s page for all to see! Someone should be going to hell for this, you guys. It’s probably me for laughing myself stupid about it but whatever. Worth it.

The fact is, as we’ve discussed so many times before, this a big deal because of the Duggars’ extreme views. Any other “celeb” with a similar situation would have the posts deleted, tighten their internet security and move on with life. Their fans wouldn’t be in an uproar because they know how The Internets work and all would be fine. This is news because the Duggars are so vocal with their morals and their judgment of women in skimpier clothing and *gasp* pants! I’m sure the hackers are people who found it funny to spam the Duggars with this sort of material that they and their fans would obviously find objectionable. I am not saying they deserved it, but with their beliefs, they’re going to attract some haters. There is no comment from Jill and Jessa but I’m sure even they understand that fact. It’s the fans that need to get a grip and realize that it’s not the Devil, it’s the internet. Well, some would say they’re one and the same.

(Image: Jill Dillard Instagram)