10 Reasons I Love Mommy Bloggers

I Love Mommy Bloggers

I’m a mommyblogger. Have been for going on five years since my daughter was a speck in my womb that gave me the itch to write about this whole life-creating thing we’ve got going on. And while I totally accept that people (who do not happen to be mommy or daddy bloggers) think I sit around in my yoga pants, drinking coffee and ranting to the internet all day, this is totally not the case…JK. It is exactly the case actually. But as a full time stay at home mom, part-time writer, ranting to the internet or doing anything aside from rearing children (one of whom is a newborn, or will be at the time this piece is published) feels pretty damn ambitious.


If you are a stay at home parent, maybe you agree. Or maybe you have nine kids whose clothes you hand knit while you also run your own jam business and don’t have time to read blogs and you think I’m a complete and total schmuck. In that case, I feel ya.


But the truth is, I have to write about my experiences as a parent. It has never really felt like a choice. I simply have to do it. And not only has it been a source of income and motivation for me as a mother, at times it has helped shape my parenting journey. It gives me reason to examine the choices I make, helps me relate to others and to truly know myself as a mother and I’m thankful every day that I get the opportunity to do it.


I believe our work as mothers and writers is deeply valuable. I believe it can motivate or raise questions, help a struggling mama when she needs a lift or laugh and give us all a lot of shit to talk about. Even if it’s just talking shit. Maybe it’s all a little self-indulgent. Maybe it’s not worth your time. But at the heart of it, I believe in this work.


Here are 10 reasons why I love mommy bloggers:


1. They write from the heart. No one can stop a mama blogger from saying what she means. That’s probably why I’ve cried more times than I can count and been more moved reading work by mothers, about mothers than anything else ever. Often times, it means saying things that aren’t easily said or admitting truths they can barely open our mouths to talk about. But they remain willing to open themselves up to a world of criticism in an effort to say something real.


2. They work evenings, weekends and early mornings (or whenever a kid isn’t asking for a popsicle).. Mama bloggers are ambitious. Seriously! I know it doesn’t look that way, but sometimes getting an article or a blog post in on time means staying up late, waking up early or pulling weekend duty to get it done. Sure, most of the time we’re comfy in our sweats, cruising twitter for our next topic. But other times we are wide-eyed at two am because it’s the only ever-loving time we could find to do our work.


3. They are the only people who manage to make a career out of bitching and moaning about family.This is truly an art and a very fortunate accident. It often results in the true and the funny things that you didn’t realize you hated too (until someone pointed it out). The truth is, when you get paid to write about what you think, a lot of times that will be writing about what displeases you. Yes, sometimes that means talking smack about our little angels, but this whole internet thing will probably be kaput before they can type, yes? Our husbands/partners on the other hand, well sometimes they just have to bite the bullet and accept who they married. Or stay off of facebook because their wife wrote about their penis for the third time this week. I’m speaking metaphorically, of course. (Nope).


4. They all seem to have a shared love of drinking. Writers are notoriously drinkers. And given how stressful this whole mom-life thing can be, we sometimes pour our wines a bit deep. Put the two together and you’ve got a boozey bunch of drunken mamas running around the internet with a license to entertain. The results are often amazeballs. At least with wine-goggles on.


5. They support one another. You may think the internet is full of judgment (it is) but it is also full of a lot of love, kindness and support for the fellow mama. I truly don’t know what I would’ve done without some of the beautiful words other mothers have written that I felt could’ve been written for me and only me. I have been saved by their vulnerability, awakened by their ideas and brought back from the edge by their own truths when I realized they were in fact, mine, too.

6. They are some of the most creative people on the planet. Personally, I can usually be found talking about the gross after effects of pregnancy or my prenatal gas. And the DIY section of my personal blog hasn’t been updated in months. Apparently I don’t like to DIM all that often. But some of these mamas never cease to amaze me with their ingenious words, meals, crafts and hilarious youtube videos. These mamas are masters of creation and I love ”˜em for it.


7. They make mountains out of molehills and lemons out of lemonade. Sure, mommybloggers have been known to exaggerate here and there. They talk about explosive diapers like they’re the size of Mount Rushmore and their exhaustion like it’s actual war. But they also make the best out of shitty situations. Some of the best writing comes out of completely mundane day to day tasks or the really difficult stuff that us mamas have to go through, like seeing your child get hurt or even battle an illness. It’s inspirational to say the least and connects us all in our journeys.


8. They are human. If there’s one thing they’re good it, it’s admitting faults and mistakes. There’s too much truth and hilarity not to. The results are relatable, genuine and sometimes downright stupid. But hopefully, we try to embrace them because we all make mistakes. Every. Single. Day.


9. They have amazing blog names/alter egos. It’s not uncommon to see blogs called ”Drunk Mommy, , Scary Mommy, Selfish Mom; and Mama Needs Vino” etc, and nobody even bats an eye. Honestly, this is probably the best part of the job- permission to be imperfect and hilarious.


10. There is always more where that came from. Because I have the feeling the parenting journey doesn’t ever stop, even when our kids our grown and out of the house. Once a parent, always a parent. For us mama bloggers out there, this probably means an endless supply of material. So love us or hate us, I think we’re sticking around.

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