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10 Things All Moms Steal From Their Daughters

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It’s happening. My daughter is going to be eight this year and I’m already swiping her stuff (don’t worry, she repays the favor) every chance I get. I can’t help it — some of it is so cute. And sometimes, I’ve simply run out of my own version of whatever it is I’m taking from her and haven’t had a chance to buy more. I can’t be alone — I know this is a mother-daughter ritual as old as time. I took things from my mom, she took things from me, I will take things from my daughter and she will take things from me too. It’s the circle of life, guys. Anyway, here are 10 things I’m pretty confident most moms steal from their daughters. Either that, or I’m a klepto and all-around awful person:

1. Socks

mine mine


Her feet are already edging toward adult size so now, our socks are nearly indistinguishable from each other. I steal them by mistake most of the time but whatever, they’re cute.

2. Cosmetics



Be it lip gloss, lotion or shower gel, I’m definitely guilty of swiping these items from my daughter. It’s not my fault my mother fills her Christmas stocking with adorable things that are also lady-friendly!

3. Magazines

tina et


My daughter isn’t old enough for this yet but I know my mom used to take my People magazines when I was a teenager and it drove me nuts. Can’t wait to return the favor in a few years!

4. Princess Movies

drunk cindeella


It’s nice having an excuse to own the full Disney princess movie collection and even nicer when I can swipe my daughter’s Tangled Blu-ray to watch myself with a glass of wine. No, YOU’RE weird.

5. Jewelry



Once daughters get to a certain age, there’s no question that their accessories start to look appealing to you. Not all of them, of course. No mom needs to be seen in a rhinestone monkey pendant from Justice.

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