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7 Facebook Messages No Parent Wants To Receive

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It used to be the worst thing parents had to worry about was gossipy neighbors and running into that one mom you hate at the Piggly Wiggly, but times have changed. Now we have social media and very few ways to shield ourselves from being instantly accessible to the people we least want to hear from. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen a Facebook message pop up on my phone and cringed, wondering how long I can ignore it before people start thinking I’m dead. It might not be pleasant, but it’s a part of modern life. Here are seven Facebook messages no parent wants to receive:

1. A note from a “concerned” friend.


The important thing here is that you resist the urge to punch your screen… because Susie Sanctimommy read somewhere that screen-punching has lasting effects on your unborn children. Deep breaths.

2. The ex-lover’s confession.


It’s a tempting offer, but — oh wait, no it’s not. Please fall off the earth.

3. The MLM party invite.


First rule of parenthood: anyone who invites you over for a ‘night of pampering’ is a lying liar who wants to cover you in nail stickers and sell you overpriced lube. Run. Run fast.

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