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Things That Happen Every Time You Let A Kid Use Your Tablet

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5. If you have more than one kid, everything turns into a fight.


Your kids will physically harm each other over Fruit Ninja and no, it won’t be this cute.

6. They watch the weirdest YouTube videos ever.


What is so interesting about watching other people open toys? Is this how humans go extinct — on the couch, alone, watching a little boy 3,000 miles away unwrap a remote control car?

7. They beg for whatever is in any ad they see, even if they don’t know what it is.



“Mom. Mom! Moooooom! Can we get a Discover card? It says you can get a trip to Disney Land!”

8. They never want to give the tablet back. Ever.


You’re done with whatever you were doing and they want one more show, one more turn, one more video, one more song. One turns into seven and you basically have to pry it from their hands lest the become fused to the sofa and forget physical activity exists, just like all the experts said they would.

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