The Lazy Mom’s Summer Bucket List

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mom-sleeping-with-son-hammockSummer time is (almost) here and that means it’s time to break out your detailed summer bucket lists and give your kids the times of their lives! Or not. I’m sure you’ve seen those lists floating around the internet: 150 Things You Must Do This Summer. They look great and all, but some of us are busy and would prefer to keep things a little more low-key. If that sounds like you, Mommyish has your back. We present to you The Lazy Mom’s Summer Bucket List:

1. Eat store-bought popsicles. Eat them outside for added fancy.
2. Go Camping. In Your Living Room. With movies.

3. Buy yourself a magazine and send the kids outside with squirt guns.
4. Have a pajama day.
5. Make homemade jam.

6. I’m totally kidding about number five. Don’t do that. Why would you do that?
7. Bucket o’ chalk. Done.
8. Let the kids have a sleepover… at someone else’s house while you stay home.

9. Star gaze. All you have to do is lie down. You can handle this.
10. Eat food that someone else made. Do this many times. No judgment.
11. Invest in many coloring books and crayons.

12. Sign your kids up for a day camp. Bonus points if they can carpool with someone else.
13. Catch bugs. The kids, I mean. They can catch bugs. You rest.
14. Go see a movie. Free air conditioning and ninety minutes of quiet. Do this often. Lots of theaters have discounted family summer movie times.

15. Go to the library during story time.
16. Blow bubbles…out of a bubble machine while you play Candy Crush.
17. Fishing — you know, have an outdoorsy relative take the kids fishing.
18. Tell the kids the floor is lava and they have to stay in bed or else.
19. Turn on the sprinklers and pretend it’s a water park. Better yet, just wait for rain.
20. Finger painting, except it’s actually just chalk outside again. Sorry.
21. Have the kids go into the backyard and hunt for an imaginary creature they’ll never find. It’s like a treasure hunt, except evil.
22. Go to the park. All the time.
23. Pick berries. From the display at the market.
24. Tell the kids you’re looking for shapes in the clouds and then fall asleep in the grass.
25. Go on a road trip to Target for more chalk, coloring books, and squirt guns. Oh, and sunscreen. Sunscreen is very important for shoving your kids outside as much as possible.

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