Teenager Seeks Custody of Sister After Their Parents’ Deaths

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Eighteen-year-old Kyle Nester is a football player who was looking forward to graduating high school and enrolling at Ohio State University in the fall, but last week he and his younger sister were tragically orphaned, and now Kyle’s faced with a daunting and heartbreaking decision, because he’s decided to try to become his sister’s legal guardian.

According to ABC News, Kyle’s mother, Tammy Nester, died last week at the age of just 46. Her husband died last year at the age of just 42, so now their kids have no guardians. Kyle is 18 and legally an adult, but his sister, Madison, is just a high school freshman.

“She’s all I have left, so I have to do everything for her,” said Kyle, who says he still plans to start school at OSU in the fall. Madison will stay at the school the kids currently attend, and Kyle says OSU is just 20 minutes away, so he thinks it’s doable.

Still, he’ll clearly be giving up a lot of freedom and fun that goes along with college and that first flush of independence.

Kyle and Madison’s grandparents live about two hours away, and they say they support Kyle’s decision and believe he can rise to this very large challenge. Kyle’s football coach also told reporters that if anybody could handle this, Kyle could.

“I know it’s not going to be easy, but I have the whole community behind me,” Kyle said.

Tammy Nester raised some good kids.

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