Cookie Monster Will Stop Being An Impatient Glutton To Be A Better Role Model For Our Kids

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Screen Shot 2013-09-15 at 9.09.53 AMCookie Monster loves cookies. Everyone knows that. He cannot be around cookies for five seconds without grabbing them and shoving them in his face because that is what a cookie monster does. I thought it was hilarious as a child, and my toddler thinks it’s hilarious, too. But it seems Cookie is going to be learning restraint so he can be a better role model for our kids.

In 2005, Sesame Street briefly tried to show Cookie interested in healthy snacks. It didn’t really work. Aww, Cookie fails at his diets, too. Now, they aren’t going to make him abandon sweets all together, they are just going to show him practicing restraint. His new mantra – Me want it, but me wait.

Me wait? What? Cookie Monster waits for no one. There isn’t a cookie in existence that is safe in his presence – that’s the point. He’s a Cookie Monster. From The Huffington Post:

Self-regulation will be emphasized in every part of the new season’s shows — as well as in online games — but the cornerstone of the program is “Cookie’s Crumby Pictures.”In classic Sesame style, this set of spoof movie trailers, of which “The Spy Who Loved Cookies is part,” will communicate the season’s agenda through sketches geared towards parents as much as kids. The series will include movies based on”When Harry Met Sally,” “Life of Pi,” “Pirates of the Caribbean” and “The Hunger Games.”

“These parodies … [are] really for the adult, to draw the adult in,” Dr. Truglio explains, saying her team hopes for a “co-viewing situation” with grown-ups and kids. If that happens, adults can hopefully “reinforce these strategies when they are with their child or a classroom of children.”

Sesame Street has always been great about teaching kids important lessons – so I guess I just have to get over the fact that they are modifying one of the best characters of all time. Frankly, it’s a lesson my toddler seriously needs to learn. As much as I try to get him to understand the concept of “waiting” – he doesn’t seem to get it. Why wait for something when you can have it NOW.

There’s a part of me that thinks, Hey, this is entertainment. It’s not real. When he shoves cookies into his face he makes kids laugh. But there’s another part of me that just really loves and trusts Sesame Street’s programming – I grew up on it, my kid loves it, and these new movies are pretty awesome.

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