If I Ever Make A Registry For My Kid’s Christmas List, Slap Me

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Screen Shot 2013-11-11 at 2.33.06 PMI’ll be the first to admit that registries can be very useful tools. I am always adamant about sticking to them for baby showers because I really believe that people need certain things and it’s nice to help them get ready. But making a registry for your children’s Christmas list? My editor found this little gem on Reddit today, and I had to share it:

My children have 4 sets of grandparents and several aunts & uncles. Christmas time rolls around and every year I have 200 people asking what to get the kids. I find it difficult to come up with things on the spot and also not repeat ideas to several different people. I used last year and this year I’m trying This way, everyone can view it on their own time, I can add things as the kids shout “I want that” at the TV, people can mark things that they have purchased, and I can give more detailed descriptions like which Tag Reader books they already have. I only made one registry for 2 kids and used the Tagging feature to state who it is for. I hope this takes a little stress out of your holiday season!!

I am truly starting to hate what the holiday season has become. If you need a gift registry for your children because you have so many relatives throwing toys at them during the holiday season, maybe a simple, “they really don’t need anything” would do. I was thinking about this the other day. When did kids start receiving every damn thing they want for every damn holiday? Well, my kids won’t – because we can’t afford it – but you know what? I’m sort of glad we are going through a time now when we are on a really tight budget because it is forcing me to gain some perspective about gift giving around the holidays.

Maybe I just don’t know what it is like to have a really large family that wants to send massive amounts of gifts all the time. Asking my kids for a massive wish list and then constructing a registry for their Christmas gifts just seems – I don’t know – excessive. I guess it may just be a sign of the times. Your kids can now send Santa an email letting him know what they would like for Christmas. Maybe people aren’t going crazy. Maybe it’s just that technology is ruining all the magic in the world and it’s now seeping down to Christmas joy, too. offers many innovative, time-saving features: Your children can send Santa an email telling him what they want for Christmas and they will receive an automated personal reply within a few hours. PLEASE NOTE: If your child emails Santa before you set up your account, youMUST go through the approval process for your child’s listing in order to be able to create your account.

Bah, humbug.