15 Thanksgiving Craft Ideas To Keep Your Littles Entertained

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Dot-A-Dot Turkeys

Thanksgiving, Craft

Image: Pinterest / Jessica Patton

This is a super-easy and fun craft to do for smaller children. All that is needed is some construction paper for the turkey, glued to a piece of white cardstock, and some dot makers. Little kids will have so much fun taking the different colors of the dot markers to make the turkey’ “feathers.” Encourage them to use all kinds of colors, not just the traditional reds, oranges and browns! Rainbow turkeys all the way! When they are finished, you can put their name and the year they made it on the back of their masterpiece, so you will always have it as a keepsake! Or another great idea is to laminate it, and have the children use it as a placemat on Thanksgiving! That way, if any mess is made, with it being laminated, it can be easily wiped away!

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