Here Is The Most Popular Halloween Candy By State

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Wow. I feel very personally attacked by this CLEARLY rigged candy map. Bulk candy retailer Candy Store used 11 years of data to determine the most popular Halloween candy in each state. And I have so many questions! And also so many concerns. I just assumed that people understood what the best candy is (KitKat and Swedish Fish), and ate those. But this map has completely demolished my faith in people doing the right thing. How can so many people all over the country be so very wrong about candy? Let’s break this down.

The Candy Store map shows the most popular Halloween candy by state. I appreciate the work that went into this completely unnecessary but incredibly important map.

Source: CandyStore.com.

Candy Store is in the candy business. They’ve been shipping bulk candy all over the country for over 11 years. Using sales data from the last 11 years, the retailer narrowed down the most popular Halloween candy in each state. Now, I’m not knocking their data collection. In fact, I think Candy Store did a fine thing, a noble and good thing. We need to know who among our fellow Americans eats shit like salt water taffy and candy corn in such large amounts.

As a native Californian, I am calling bullshit on our candy.

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Skittles? FUCKING SKITTLES?! No. Absolutely not. Whoooooooooo picks Skittles when there are KitKat and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups? Skittles are not even the best chewy fruit candy (that honor is bestowed upon Swedish Fish, Mike and Ike’s, and Sunkist Fruit Gems in a 3-way tie). The only good Skittle is the red one, and there are like 4 in a bag. You’re telling me California likes lemon and orange, which are abominable flavors for candy? I need to move.

But as disappointed as I am in California, at least I don’t live in one of the states that eats more candy corn or salt water taffy than anything else.

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I am not hating on candy corn. I eat a few pieces at the beginning of October and then throw the rest in the trash as required by law. Candy corn is not a candy that one enjoys. It’s a candy you eat because it’s expected in the fall. So why is it the SIXTH most popular Halloween candy in the country? Nevada, Idaho, New Mexico, Iowa, Alabama, and Michigan eat more candy corn than any other candy. Just … why.

Even more surprising is that there are TWO states where salt water taffy beat out all the real candy. Salt. Water. Taffy. Washington and Nevada (WHICH IS LANDLOCKED) eat a lot of the filling-killing candy. And yes, I know salt water taffy is not limited to places near an ocean, but for fuck’s sake, the name implies it and I’m going to run with it. I bet these taffy freaks eat the black licorice flavor, too. You can’t trust any of those people.

I clearly have problems with the most popular Halloween candy by state. I feel like a stranger in my own country. How did your state fare? On second thought, don’t tell me. I don’t need to hear from a bunch of Tootsie Pop people.

(Image: Candystore.com)