Skittles Is Releasing A ‘Rotten Zombie’ Flavor

Skittles zombie flavor
Image: Skittles

There are a lot of good things in this world and candy is definitely up high on that list. Skittles specifically are ones that are enjoyed by so many. Who doesn’t want to “taste the rainbow” afterall, right? They are the perfect size for anyone who has a sweet tooth because you can have one, or two, or eat an entire pack. There are different flavors, sure to give you a favorite. You can mix and match them to create the perfect happy tongue. And they keep inventing new flavors, like this Zombie one.

Yes, Skittles are releasing a Zombie flavor, and we should all beware.

According to the parent company, Mars Wrigley, the new flavor will launch in time for Halloween 2019. So yes, we have to wait a year for them. But it sounds like this will be worth it. The company plans to release them in a variety of sizes — including fun-sized packages for trick-or-treating, their share size, and the “laydown” bag which is 14 ox. The Zombie Skittles will be priced just as their other varieties are, between $1.89 and $2.99, depending on these size.

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The bag will be like their other flavors and include a mix of different tastes. These ones all sound pretty delish, with spooky names it’s cute and fun. The company says that the flavors include ones called Blood Red Berry, Chilling Black, Cherry, Petrifying Citrus Punch, Mummified Melon, and Boogeyman Blackberry. Not too bad right?

Well, that’s not it… of course… they do warn that you need to beware.

What makes this bag of delicious sugar different is somethings are not what they seem. The Zombie Skittles have a bit of a surprise in them in that every so often you’ll come across a candy piece that looks like any other candy piece.

Until you put it in your mouth.

Yep, there’s a surprise Rotting Zombie flavor that will hit your taste buds and well, probs gross you out. This is like a fun dare game perfect for Halloween. And would be fun to plan and watch our kids play, too.

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