7 More Reasons Why IVF Treatments Rock

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GettyImages-92041742Finding out in vitro fertilization is your best chance for getting pregnant is rough. It can be hard to understand why your body is one of the unlucky ones that can’t get pregnant the old fashioned way (after a bottle of wine and deciding to roll the dice). But once you wrap your head around the idea that you and your partner may be forgoing vacations and luxuries like brand name shampoo for the indefinite future, there are many reasons why having to undergo IVF isn’t so bad.

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1. It will strengthen your relationship.

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Multiple doctor visits, frank discussions about money and having to jizz into a cup on multiple occasions will reaffirm your partner’s love for you more than any vow renewal ceremony ever could.

2. You’ll know exactly how pregnant you are.

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With IVF there’s no wasting a small fortune on pregnancy tests only to have them be negative, no worries that your sister’s Vegas bachelorette party may have had an additional guest no one knew about. You know exactly when and where you got knocked up- on a cold metal gurney while your partner held one and a nurse held the other. It may not be the romantic conception you envisioned filled with satin sheets, candlelight and a Michael Buble crooning in the background, but you won’t remember that when you’re in the delivery room.

3. You’ll stop going back and forth on whether you should get a tattoo.

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If you’ve always wondered if you had the pain tolerance to handle getting inked, IVF can help. With most treatments requiring at least one needle a day for weeks on end, you’ll have plenty of chances to decide if you can handle getting tatted.

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