15 Thanksgiving Craft Ideas To Keep Your Littles Entertained

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Turkey Popcorn Treat Bags

Thanksgiving, Craft

Image: Pinterest / Darwina Austin

Perhaps your guests might get a bit “peckish” (see what we did there?) on the ride home. Send them home with these adorable turkey treat bags! Needless to say, the kids will have an absolute blast making these with you! All you need are some food-safe gloves, popcorn, and some form of candy to use for the feathers of the turkey. Anything could work, multi-colored chocolate candies, gumdrops, fruit-flavored candies, let your imagination run wild! After you are done putting them together, seal them up, and glue on a beak and an eye, and voila! You have a turkey treat bag that you can send home with your dinner guests!

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