Teenager Receives Angry Texts From Her Dad After He Finds A ‘Sex Toy’ In Her Room

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Think of the most awkward conversation you’ve ever had with your parent. Remember how embarrassing it felt, maybe even how funny it was? Well, this teenager has your story beat! Emily’s father sent her some rather angry texts about her “vibrator.”

According to Refinery29, Emily was out at a friend’s house when she got an important text from her father saying that they needed to talk when she got home. Naturally, she wanted to know what was so pressing. That’s when her father sent her a photo of what he happened to stumble upon in her room.

this was so awkward omg my dad really assumed the worst

— emily (@__emmiilly) November 26, 2017

Like any embarrassing father, Emily’s dad had no idea what he had found. Well, he thought he knew what he had found. A cylindrical, pink electronic device that seems to be laying on her bed, according to the photo. Good ol’ dad thought he had stumbled upon his darling daughter’s vibrator – then proceeded to rant about it.

“That is disgusting! You shouldn’t waste your money!” he said with angry texts. “If you have these kind of needs I suggest you don’t leave this shit laying around.”

“Those things people Spencer! Those disgusting toys that vibrate!” he continued after Emily asked what he thought the device was. “I’m not that old Emily!”

Well, dad, we think you might be a little old. Turns out, the pink tube-like object was actually Emily’s portable phone charger.

What’s more, Emily made sure to explain exactly when she uses it– when she is at Disneyland! How innocent is that? The real question, however, is why her dad was rummaging through her things. Turns out he needed Chapstick.

After Emily shared this exchange on Twitter, many of her followers were appalled at her father’s rant. Many thought it was a bit close-minded of him to think that his daughter wasn’t going to have a vibrator, or that she didn’t have her own sexual needs. Others like to point out that he should be happy she has a vibrator instead of fulfilling her needs by sleeping around.

Either way, shame on dad freaking out so much.

“Honestly my dad always texts me crazy things,” Emily told Refinery29 in an interview. “I wasn’t really worried. Just the first actual text caught me off guard. I thought it was an emergency.”
“I wasn’t worried at all,” she says. “I was laughing the whole time.”

(Image: Twitter / @__emmiilly)

Emily, whether you have a vibrator or not, you do you girl – just make sure dad doesn’t find it, or things might get really awkward.

(Image: Twitter / @__emmiilly)