Mother Tattoos Her 11-Year-Old And Doesn’t Know What Everyone Is Flipping Out About

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Odessa Clay, a 30-year-old North Carolina mom, doesn’t seem to know what all the fuss is about. So what if she gave her daughter a tattoo? The 11-year-old kid asked for it! And it’s not like she colored it in or anything!

ABC news reports that the mother was arrested after using her own tools to give her daughter “a small heart tattoo near the girl’s shoulder.” She reportedly numbed the little girl too so that she wasn’t in any pain during the process. She maintains:

“She asked me to do it,” Clay said, referring to her daughter requesting the tattoo… “I didn’t fill it in,” Clay said; she only tattooed the outline of a heart, and didn’t darken the entire shape.

The mother says that she was completely unaware that it is illegal to tattoo a minor in North Carolina, even with express permission from parents. She reportedly thinks that she was tattle-taled by her ex-father-in-law who is trying to “retaliate” against her. It’s not like he went to the authorities out of, you know, legitimate concern for his very underage granddaughter who is being casually tattooed in her own home.

(photo: LIGHTWORK/ Shutterstock)