8 Life-Changing Tech Products Every New Mom Needs

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Braun No Touch+ Forehead Thermometer

Braun thermometer

Image: Braun

There is almost nothing more frustrating then when your baby is sick and you keep waking them up to take their temperature after you just got them to sleep. Yes, you could just wait until they wake up to check on if the medicine you gave to bring down their fever is working, but that’s not how a mother’s worry works. Also, ask anyone who is sick with the flu how being woken up for anything feels and you’ll understand why sleep is best thing for your cranky sick babe.

That stress can be totally taken away thanks to this thermometer that is so no-touch your baby won’t wake up and your anxiety will be lessened with a reliable, good read on their temperature. It’s got a handy color read on it, indicating what the temperature levels are.  It also has a handy back light that will let you see the reading in the middle of the night without waking your sleeping one.

For more information, check out Braun, $72.

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