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Life Lessons We Can Learn From Toddlers

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happy sunset As parents there is so much we teach our children, not only about academic things like reading, writing and mathematics, but things about life in general. As we teach our toddlers new things, there is plenty that we can learn from them too. Here’s seven life lessons we can learn from toddlers.



1. Express your frustration.



It can be difficult or even comical when a child is having a full blown tantrum over something seemingly small, but there’s something to be said for expressing your feelings on a subject. Grown-ups are masters at bottling their emotions and using passive aggressive words and behaviors to try and indirectly explain how we feel. Maybe we should take a cue from our kids when something upsets us and just let it all out right then and there instead.

2. Find pleasure in simple things.

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Bubbles, a passing school bus, the opening credits to Caillou— toddlers are constantly in a state of wonderment with regular every day objects. We don’t need to clap and cheer when watching television (unless Orphan Black is on) but taking a moment to pause and appreciate nice weather or a pretty sunset can give us a more positive outlook.

3. If it’s not delicious and you’re not hungry then don’t eat it.

gross food


Far too often we munch on things without really tasting what we are consuming. Toddlers have no problems refusing to eat when they aren’t hungry and not eating unless they really enjoy the food. Modeling these behaviors (minus the whole throwing food on the floor thing) could be good for your health.

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