Taking A Toddler For A Walk: The Official Board Game

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For the parents of young children, the advent of spring means more time spent outdoors … for better or worse. For those of us who have muddled through many a springtime walk with toddlers, here’s a board game recreation of that … joy. Yes, let’s go with ‘joy’.

The rules are simple; you’ll need a printed-out copy of the game board below (click on it to open it in its own tab in your browser), game markers (coins should work well), a six-sided dice, and a lot of patience. Depending on how luckily–or rather how unluckily–you roll, the game can end in a no-win situation, just as taking a toddler for a walk does. You can play it on a rainy day with your toddler if she doesn’t feel she has enough opportunity to torture you during indoor play, or you and your partner can turn it into a drinking game after the kids’ bedtime. (Drinking game rules: drink every time you roll the dice, move a space, or lose a turn. Just drink, really.)

Have fun, and happy Friday!

Slide1(Game board template via, feature image: Jane Horton / Getty)