Professor Survives Live-Tweeting Her Son’s Abstinence-Only Sex Ed Class Without Her Brain Exploding

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Everyone is entitled to believe as they like but I deeply feel that parents teaching kids “abstinence-only” sex ed are basically setting their child up to fail. By not properly educating kids and teens on safe sex, pregnancy, STD’s and relationships we are forcing them to fly blind. Just telling them not to have sex is not enough to send them out into the world and expect them to come out unscathed.

Professor and author Alice Dreger awesomely highlights the utter insanity of abstinence-only education by live-Tweeting a class her son had to sit through. I’ve never gone through this kind of class myself so reading her account was enlightening and also, mildly terrifying to say the least.

Here is a sampling of her amazing Tweets as she documents the terrible information being given to these kids. You can read them all on Mashable:

alice1 alice2 alice3 alice4 alice5

Absolutely incredible, right? There are so many Tweets, I cannot include them all, so please take a look at the link if you have a chance. There is more wtf than I can fit in this post.

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