I May Just Be Old, But I Think The Kids In This Twerking Video Deserve To Be Suspended

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shutterstock_133664273__1368804585_142.196.167.223A few weeks ago, dozens of students were suspended after making a “twerking” video on school grounds. I may just be old, but I think kids should learn that not everything they do is applauded, supported – or ignored. Sometimes, there are consequences for actions.

The reports are conflicting, but either 31 or 33 kids were suspended for participating in the video. This week, the school board declined to overturn the suspensions. You can see the uncut video on Jezebel. Better for you to just look at it than for me to try to describe what “twerking” is.

Initially, I tried to remember what it was like to be a teenager – totally misunderstood by adults. I know that I am just getting older, and the generation gap is making it harder and harder for me to sympathize with the youth. I already constantly find myself saying things like, popular music is crap, kids today have no respect for adults, and a variety of other cliche’s that have been voiced by those entering their forties since the beginning of time. Only – I’m pretty sure we’re right this time. Times are getting worse, right?

If I would have participated in a video like this when I was a teenager, I’m pretty sure I would have been grounded until I was able to move out of the house. Maybe it’s just a harmless dance – girls gyrating like crazy while doing a handstand with a really awkard looking boy posing next to their bouncing butts. But the soundtrack takes it over the top:

Bitch I do you dirty, dirty like a floor mat

Bitch – what you need, bitch?

I’m tired of paying for your weaves, bitch

Oh God, enough. Just throw in a bunch of more “bitches” and you get the picture. This video is derogatory as hell. These students need to understand that it is not okay to put this kind of sexist, derogatory crap out there. I think they do now, since they will be subjected to a two-day suspension for sexual harassment.

From The Los Angeles Times:

“It is my personal opinion that the video is a deeply offensive production with implications for lewd conduct, sexual harassment and gender victimization,” Supt. Bill Kowba wrote in a memo to board members before Tuesday’s meeting. “It is especially insulting to Scripps Ranch High, having been filmed on district property without district/school authorization.”

I totally agree. A lot of parents think the punishment is too harsh, and students should be able to apologize and keep it moving. That’s not how the real world works. When you make bad decisions, sometimes you pay a price for those decisions. These kids are learning that the hard way. Call me an old lady – but I don’t think there is anything wrong with that.

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